Saturday, November 19, 2005

Falcons smoke Urbana....

As they should. They are in the NAIA, and they aren't strong at that level and they're down some guys on top of it. Two notable things....1,035 people showed up to watch instead of watching the OSU-UM game, and Matt Lefeld didn't play due to an injury that will keep him out one week. There is concern if its a deep bruise or a break. Let's hope he can go against Oakland--we are totally screwed on the inside without him. Dakich on Lefeld and the other injuries.

"It is a bone bruise right now... His x-rays will be read by a radiologist on Monday and we're hoping and praying that there isn't any type of fracture in there. ...But right now, it is a bone bruise."

"Steven is out of his boot and Dusan is out of his boot. They're not going to practice but they're doing their rehab stuff with our trainer."

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