Sunday, November 06, 2005

As Killer Says...The Lions are on the clock

Not really. As crappy as the North is, this team could still make the playoffs. But it would be an abomination before everything that is holy for that to happen.

Joey Harrington was our leading rusher today, and Scottie Vines our leading receiver. Contemplate those words as if they had been spoken in August.

The defense--without two Pro Bowlers--continues to play hard and generally effectively. The offense gave the Vikings too many chances, and that's not the fault of the defense. Minnesota did run at will against us, and Johnson passed OK, but they didn't score a ton of points. We played well on third down which always helps.

I cannot believe we are still here, in the age of parity. High draft pick after high draft pick--some apparent progress last season. And yet, here we are. A bad team saved only by a cupcake schedule.

Charles Rogers is eligible from his suspension--yet he never leaves Detroit.

Roy Williams is not healthy. Mike Williams is healthy enough to play, but doesn't really seem that interested in doing it.

Remember when Tollner was going to help take the wraps off the offense?

Kevin Jones is in a major sophomore slump, though he constantly runs hard. The line play is bad, and we seem to forget we have Marcus Pollard.

Its hard to keep commenting on something that never changes. At least we don't have to worry about some temporary, illusory Joeysurge taking over the team. He played OK, as ill-served by his line and receivers as they were by him. And those 17 rushing yards....can't stop talking about that.

But I am sure Garcia is back when he is healthy. It won't make much of a difference.

Is this whole thing going to have to be blown up again? Or can a new coach take what's here and make it a winner? All I know is, week after week, this team has gone way past interesting and into annoying.

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