Sunday, December 26, 2004

Sixth Win Against Weak Bears

While I am still open to the idea that we are just this close to being pretty good, you can't rule out the possibility we are as bad as ever. Today's game with the Bears is a case in point.

They are a pitiful offensive team (the worst in the NFL) with a failed QB and limited playmakers. Our defense certainly did hold them down, but they ran for more than 100 yards and completed a large number of short passes. However, to their advantage, they only turned it over once, and the offense was within one very close replay to leading with less than a minute left.

This is on our field.

Now, when we had the ball, Jones ran well for 123 yards. Joey was mediocore, and the receivers were weak. Too many drops-even from vets like Hakin and a rookie like Williams. They didn't help Joey at all. On the other hand, when we went empy and the Bears undertook the standard defensive adjustment--blitzing--we seemed to have not considered that option. Joey flung the ball over his head, and the Bears got the TD that kept them in the game.

There were other instances when Joey failed to go downfield in critical situations and dumped it off instead. And he was inaccurate, too. But, when the guys were open and he hit them, there were too many drops.

Defensively, I think this team is strong and has the potential to be a show-stopper next season. Offensively, with a solid running game, and a safe passing game, maybe this team could do enough to win. Today, we did barely enough against a bad team.

I'm going to check the math guys for the playoff permutations, but let's assume we have a meaningless game against the Titans for a seven win season--a continuing upward progression, but is it enough?

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