Friday, December 24, 2004

Lions Look to Next Year, Free Agency

The Killer's looking at Lions Free Agents on today. Interesting. We have 16 unrestricted free agents, (my 12/24 prediction on their status is included):


DT Shaun Rogers (KEEP, franchise if necessary)

TE Stephen Alexander (Buh-Bye)

T Stockar McDougle (Only at a good price)

C Dominic Raiola (Keep)

QB Mike McMahon (Buh-Bye)

WR Tai Streets (Buh-Bye)

DT Kelvin Pritchett (OK @ right price, can't overpay)

WR Reggie Swinton (Buh-Bye)

S Bracy Walker (Buh-Bye--set Terrence Holt Free!!)

DT Marcus Bell (OK @ right price)

LB Donte Curry (OK @ right price, but he could go)

QB Rick Mirer (Who knows)

P Nick Harris (keep)

LB Wali Rainer (keep)

FB Stephen Trejo (Buh-Bye)

S Dainon Sidney (Buh-Bye)

Restricted (All of these guys we keep)

WR Eddie Drummond

CB Chris Cash

CB Andre Goodman

T Victor Rogers

G Tyrone Hopson

S Vernon Fox

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