Saturday, December 04, 2004

Hoopsters go 3-1

The Hoopsters played another strong game, winning their first game in Detroit since Ike was in office by 6, 59-53. This is a good win. Detroit is tough to beat at home, and they are certainly a MAC-caliber team.

Elements to the victory. First, get John Reimold to shoot 10-13 from the field and 6-8 from the arc, and we won't lose very often. He had 28. Overall, we shot 52.6% for the game (another good signal), including 50% from beyond the arc. Only 20 fouls and 17 to's.

Second, we held Detroit to 40.9% shooting. Detroit is a poor shooting team, and they didn't get well against us.

And that's how it goes. We didn't have a great offensive night, but Reimold made us good enough to win, given strong D.

This is exciting. We should win our next three, and enter MAC play at 7-1. Its a game by game thing, but to date, you have to be very happy with our play. Reimold and Almanson are leaders, and Steven Wright is a natural 2. John Floyd has been solid at PG. Soler and Eyink are giving good minutes off the bench.

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