Wednesday, December 27, 2017

MAC Football Embarassed in Post-Season

Yeah, so about that bowl season.  MAC pulls on collar.  Yeah.  Well.  You know.

Not so good.

And the Sun Belt....THE SUN throwing shade.

The MAC had really no marquee matchups...and went 1-4 in the bowl season.  But that only tells part of the story.

Here are the scores:

Duke 36, NIU 14
App State 34, UT 0
FAU 50, Akron 3
Wyoming 37, CMU 14

OU 41, UAB 6

So yeah, the one win was a blow out, but the closest game among the losses was last night, when NIU stayed with 22 of the Duke Blue Devils.  The cumulative score?  163 -72.

Obviously, the worst loss is sending your conference champ to a difficult, but not impossible assignment and having App State break the paddle.  And this isn't UT-hate.  BG has had some real bowl beat downs in its time.  You had to expect FAU to destroy Akron, but I don't think the Duke game or the Wyoming game should have been insurmountable, and yet in both cases the MAC took knock-out blows.

So, yeah.  For this bowl season.....see above.  I guess they do own us.


Anonymous said...

Given this results, the USA Today article, and my question, could you do a post about whether or not many MAC schools should look to the FCS for the future? I'm not saying they should, but it would be worth considering.

NWLB said...

I didn't see the USA Today article but can guess at the points being made.

I've long resisted the notion that the MAC needs to stand down from from the FBS/D1A. When the MAC is at its best, it is a fun little league to follow. But the trend continues to point toward decline and habitual dependence on whoring itself out for OOC paycheck games. Not to mention TV contracts with declining viewers, paychecks and brand destroying mid-week games that are painful to watch. And the farce that has become bowl appearances.

The MAC is in the middle of a crisis nobody seems to recognize or want to talk about. And that could be understandable, there are no good solutions or happy endings to this situation. What makes this discussion hard to advance is not knowing what is going to happen with the P5 as the next round of TV contracts with the FBS playoff proceed.

The MAC is in a crisis and seems to not know or wish to speak of it.