Thursday, December 28, 2017

Falcons End Non-Conference Schedule With Easy Win Over Lourdes

BG wrapped up the pre-MAC season with the expected, a 97-56 win over Lourdes.  Not much more to say about that.  The game was a necessary evil and we appreciate Lourdes taking the date on the schedule. 

BG finishes at 9-4 for the the pre-season schedule, with a 7-4 record in D1 games.  At this time, BG is #235 in the kenpom rankings out of 351.  Their RPI is #217.

Here's the thing.  Yes, BG is 9-4.  On the other hand, they have played the #306 non-conference schedule (again out of 351).  This is something we identified early ...this was not a terribly challenging schedule, but this is also a young team.  We're not playing for an at-large bid.  Only Kent and CMU played a less challenging schedule, although it is worth remembering that only D1 games are counted, so EMU's four non-D1 opponents don't count against them.

BG's best win is over Florida Gulf Coast, who were about 100 when we played but now have a kenpom of 135.  BG had no other wins better than a 220 kenpom.  The Abilene Christian loss (244) is the worst team BG has lost to, though the worst performance was probably ODU, followed by Lake Erie College.

South Dakota, for what it is worth, is 12-4 with a rating of 85.  That was a really good team BG played early in the year.

On to the MAC.  BG opens with the only team with a worse rating from them and they do it at the Stroh.  Kind of odd, but you really do feel like you need that win to open up (Miami).

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