Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Lourdes Preview

So, BG has a non-anticipated matchup with Lourdes on Thursday at 5:30 at the Stroh.

First, before we get too far down the road, you should read The Blade's story about how they ended up on our schedule.  Apparently, and who knew, the MAC has a rule that you have to play 15 home games.  BG had two teams back of them in August....and had to have a home game so Lourdes is actually bailing us out by coming to play.

My belief is that it is OK to play one non-D1 team.  Any more than that is too many. Obviously, extreme circumstances are exceptions...unlike, say, EMU who plays 4 regularly.

Lourdes is in the NAIA.  They are the Grey Wolves.

They are 5-9 overall and 0-7 in their conference.  They lost 106-51 to WMU in their only D1 game this year.

They are small.  They have no regular who is over 6'6".

They score 67.6 PPG, shooting 39% and 28%.  They aren't bad on defense, allowing 69 PPG on 43% and 36% shooting.

Their leading scorer is Malik Thurman, who is scoring 11.8 PPG on 49% and 47% shooting.  Clif Snow scores 10.9 PPG on tough shooting and leads the team with 6 rebounds per game.

So, look, this game is what it is.  BG should win and by a lot.  Let's hope that's what happens and get ready for Miami to come in on Tuesday.

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NWLB said...

Does EMU actively seek to be the K-Mart of MAC sports?