Sunday, August 14, 2016

News from Saturday Scrimmage

The Falcons held a scrimmage on Saturday at the Doyt.  It was a non-contact scrimmage in order to keep everyone healthy...something I think is smart.  There's a little news coming out of it.

First, BG's RB Matt Domer was tore his ACL and is out for the season.  All the best wishes to Matt for a full recovery.  Domer transferred from Illinois and had a few carries last year.  He was probably the #3 HB on the depth chart and probably would have gotten more carries this year at a position where teams are increasingly trying to get depth.

Second, Jacob Bennett was injured.  Haven't seen any word on this except a tweet from Thomas of the Sentinel who said that he was out for the "forseeable future."  Bennett is the RT.  BG has depth on the o-line, but if he misses signficant time in the conference season, that's going to make it harder.

In other news, preferred walk-on WR Eric Sherkel has left school to head to a JC in Cali.  He was a athletic QB in Pennsylvania in HS and had kind of had a Ryan Burbrink feel to him, but he's going to play that out elsewhere.

The Blade reported that LB Matt Finkler and WR Odell Spencer have left the program.  This is not unusual.  Sometimes it just isn't right for people.  Finkler was a Buffalo commit who was a co-defensive player in the year in Division VI in Ohio, which is a small-school dvision.  Odell Spencer took a crazy route to end up signing with BG (see here), and the next chapter is to not play football at BG.

The Blade also has info on four additons, two of which you have seen here.  They include DB Montrelle Gregory,  and RB Calen Taylor.

BG also added Peter Norris who played has been on the BG roster before and Davaugn Alexander, who is a FR OL from the Dayton area.

The worst news was the kicking in the scrimmage, which was dreadful.  Coach says they need more reps.

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