Monday, August 29, 2016

Presser and Depth Chart Review

OK Kids, here we go!  The final week of waiting is underway.  Two things today...first, our initial opportunity to find out what kind of presser Mike Jinks gives.  He'll probably never top Gregg Brandon, but he could easily fall somewhere between Babers and Clawson.

A few select quotes and paraphrases:

Doesn't care about being a 27-point underdog, since he has been one his whole life.

"There's something to be said for getting at that there are things bigger than one's self and that we have a goal and only together will we achieve it and at the end of the day all we need is put it all on the line for the man next to you.  I have no doubt in my mind that's what you will see come Saturday."

You can't game plan for a team like OSU.  They aren't complicated schematically.  "They are going to do what they do."  That's the mindset we need.

Interesting.  When asked about what a team like his does to win the game, he said that you aren't going to see a lot of fake punts.  "That's how you lose the game, to me.  Coach Meyer, we are not going to onside the opening kickoff.  We're going to play football."

Marquis Zimmerman (now on the two-deep at WR, see below) is a lot like Ronnie Moore.  Other surprise player is Lorenzo Taborn (also see below).

Also pleased with how Ryan Hunter has reacted with stepping up after Bennett's injury.

Says Bush has been playing well and they challenged Alphonso Mack to step up his game (my point, Mack led the MAC in INT and didn't make all-Mac.

Consistency is the key on defense.

Overall, it was impressive.  The part above about bigger than yourself?  That was convincing.  If you want a drinking game, pin your name and address to your shirt and drink every time he says "at the end of the day."  But, it was as confident and convincing as I have ever heard him.

Next is a look at what we have for a depth chart for the OSU game.  The comparison is to the last published depth chart, which was from Media Day.

Starting on offense, we have already noted that Logan Deitz has moved from RT to LT.  Ryan Hunter moved to RT from backup at C.  The new backup C is Tyler King.  Then, in a real oddity, Lorenzo Taborn has made backup LT as a true FR, replacing De'Angelo Ware.

There is also a change at WR.  Redding, Moore and Miller remain starters, but Deric Phouthavong has moved up to start in front of Janarvis Pough, who is now a backup.  Also, true FR Marquis Zimmerman is a back up in the spot formerly held by Tom Tupa.

Josh Cleveland is now listed as #3 at RB.

On defense, the line is the same, Bush, Lunsford, Junior and Konowalski.  However, behind them JUCO Grant Coffey has moved in front of Malik Brown at back up DE.

LBs are the same, and in the Dbackfield, r-FR Antonyo Sotolango has moved into the starter position at rover.  True FR Cam Jefferies has replaced Robert Jackson as a backup CB,

Jake Suder is first a K.

Lastly, Urban Meyer gave his presser today, and it included some fine anecdotes from his days in BG, including the first game at Missouri and what he did with the two WRs who couldn't catch.

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