Saturday, August 20, 2016

Football Landry and a big hat

So I was down for the season ticket holder event at the Doyt today.  It was great--and I mean great--to be back.  Makes me happy.

From the scrimmage standpoint, there was not a lot to see.  The 1s didn't play and I am not sure how many 2s got in either.  Furthermore, it was a no-tackle scrimmage, something I suspect you are going to see more of as health becomes a bigger concern in football.

Speaking of which, the Jacob Bennett injury continues to be a concern.  The Blade had the details of the line shuffling this morning...Ryan Hunter, who is from Ontario and has 14 starts under his belt, will go to RT and Logan Dietz will move to LT.  The middle of the line will remain the same.

The Blade also mentions that true freshman Lorenzo Taborn is in the mix for playing time.  This is very unusual...the line is rarely a place for true freshman.  Coach Jinks says they "stuck gold" with him...he was the last player BG signed...he's from Sidney, OH.

One thing I did notice at the scrimmage was that there were a couple of nice catches on deep balls by Vanel Dossous.  He's a WR JUCO transfer.  That was significant because of the news you see above...WR Darrion Landry will not play for BG this season.  Landry was projected to be a part of the WR corps after BG suffered massive losses at the position.  His loss makes the job tougher in theory, though we didn't actually get to see him play.

So Dossous could be helpful.

Two last notes.

First, Coach Jinks is standing in the middle here...wearing the biggest hat I have ever seen on a man.  Players could be required to run laps around the hat when they drop a pass.

Second, the starters came into the stands to shake hands and thank season ticket holders....and I mean all of them shook everyone's hand.  It was very impressive and a nice touch by the team...certainly appreciated.

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