Tuesday, August 09, 2016

What's this Air Raid Thing?

So, we went from Falcon Fast--which was the Baylor playbook--to the Air Raid.  If you will recall, Kingston and Jinks actually got into a debate as to who ran more plays per game last year.  Anyway, one of the good things was you figure that the transition between Baylor and Air Raid isn't as severe as it was between Ball-Control Clawson and Baylor.  Plus, Kliff Kingsbury told Jinks not to be "an idiot" and to keep the parts of the offense that BG did really well.

So, if you are an x's and o's kinda guy, here's some links that can help understand the Air Raid offense.  They come from Chris Brown, who runs Smart Football, which is pretty interesting except that he wrote an e-book which said that Dan Mullen was the OC at BGSU when Urban was here.  Which he was not, no matter how much people wish it was true.

Anyway, check it out!  The season is on the way.

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