Monday, July 25, 2016

Falcon Football Verbal

So, BG has a verbal commit from Montrey Gregory.  (Assuming it is the same guy, sometimes it appears to be spelled Montre.)  He's a JUCO D-back who plays for Monroe Community College in New Rochelle,  NY.  He's 6'1'" and 190 pounds.  He's originally from Baltimore, where he graduated from Poly High School in 2014.  From as far as I can see, he has only played one year in JUCO and will be a '17 recruit.  Based on this, as a FR, he only played in 4 games and only was in on 7 tackles.

There's not a lot of other stuff out there on him, unless you could find it.  It's an odd signing--you usually don't see JUCO guys committing to early.  Having said that, if it is odd, there has to be a reason, right?

Welcome to the Falcons, Montrey.

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