Friday, July 29, 2016

Football Odds and Ends

A few odds and ends from football....

First, the Blade reported that BG has added a JUCO RB.  His name is Josh Cleveland and he is transferring from Navarro College.  He is 5'9" and 185 lbs, and very productive last season, with 1,065 yards, 6.2 ypc and 12 touchdowns.

Last January, it was announced he was going to SE Louisiana, which apparently did not pan out, because he returned to Navarro.

Anyway, welcome to the Falcons, Josh.

Second, Seth Doege has been promoted to WR coach to replace Andrew Sowder.  He originally was slated to be a graduate assistant and has not been a coach anywhere else.  He was a star QB at Texas Tech (where else?) and played one year in the NFL and one in the CFL.  His brother is a verbal commit to BG.

Third, BG's list of coaches now lists Marcus White as d-line coach only, not co-defensive coordinator.  Perry Eliano is the DC.

Fourth, Mike Jinks actually did have some interesting things to say.  I thought the most interesting thing was this:

“The last thing Coach Kingsbury told me was, ‘Don’t be an idiot,’”
Always good advice, but in this case Kingsbury was telling Jinks to keep what BG does well in the offense and not "force feed" the Air Raid System.

As readers know, Coaches who throw away functioning systems to match their system are one of my pet peeves, so this was actually good news.  If you are a good football coach, you should be able to coach more than one way, and you can transition to your offense over time, should you be here that long.

Also, Jinks is going to call the offensive plays, which is interesting.  He says that OC Andy Padron was "allowed to go sit with Baylor and learn that offense" and that would allow BG to maintain parts of that offense and parts of Air Raid and maybe "flip" in the middle of the game.

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