Thursday, July 28, 2016

Falcons Picked for Fourth Straight MAC East Crown

The three-time defending MAC East Champs have been picked to do it again...and then picked to lose to WMU at Ford Field.

That's all according to the MAC Media, who are (as they say) par-layin' in Detroit today.

It's close...BG got 12 first place votes and 136 points and OU had 10 first place votes and 134 points, so right now that game in Athens would appear to be pretty big.  Akron is picked 3rd, followed by Buffalo, Miami and Kent.

One voter picked Bowling Green to win the MAC Championship game.

In the West, WMU is the overwhelming favorite with 19 first places votes and 144 overall points.  UT and NIU are closely matched at 2nd and 3rd, followed by CMU, Ball State and EMU.

I'd say these are pretty good predictions.  I think BG has more question marks than OU, but started ahead of OU and the QBs are actually probably pretty even between the two teams.

As for the rest of MAC Media day, you can go to the BGSU website if you want to see more.  (Or the MAC).  They are usually pretty uninteresting and full of coachspeak.  Everyone worked hard this summer, everyone likes their team, everyone is excited to get back at get the idea.

Team (First Place Votes) -- Points
MAC East Division
1. Bowling Green (12) -- 136
2. Ohio (10) -- 134
3. Akron (4) -- 107
4. Buffalo -- 75
5. Miami -- 52
6. Kent State -- 42

MAC West Division
1. Western Michigan (19) -- 144
2. Toledo (2) -- 113
3. Northern Illinois (3) -- 112
4. Central Michigan (2) -- 98
5. Ball State -- 44
6. Eastern Michigan -- 35

2016 MAC Championship Game Winner: Western Michigan (19); Toledo (2); Northern Illinois (2); Central Michigan (1); Bowling Green (1); Akron (1).

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