Saturday, July 16, 2016

Football has Bryson Denley headed to BG

So this is some interesting news.  Bryson Denley played at Steele HS, which is where Mike Jinks coached, and had been recruited to to go Texas Tech where Jinks was coaching.  They made the decision to grey shirt him, which means he did not enroll.  Then, we see the post above from a Texas reporter, which is that he is headed to BG, where Jinks is now coaching.

He was a three-star player on 24/7.  He had offers from Baylor, Oregon State, Tulsa, and Kansas.

He's listed as an all-purpose back and was the #20 in the country at that "position" according to 24/7.  He played RB in HS but Texas Tech was expected to move him into the slot.  He's 5'8" and 165, so probably small for a back in the Big 12, but where he ends up playing in the MAC is another question.

As a senior, Denley had 100 carries and 813 yards with 14 TDs and 11 catches for 102 yards and 1 TD.

What I don't know is eligibility.  My guess with the grey shirting and all is that he will be eligible right away, but it does appear that he signed an NLI so that makes it confusing.

If eligible, though, he's an enormous addition to a team that lost as many playmakers as this one did on offense.

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