Thursday, January 07, 2016


So, a few days ago, the University of Texas-San Antonio fired Larry Coker, the coach who founded their program.

Or he retired.  Anyway, the job is open.

What's awkward about that?  Just that Mike Jinks, our new football coach, is a legend in San Antonio.  The guy who once said he would never leave Texas.  The guy that fans back home are clamoring to get back to take over that team.  The guy whose whole staff (to date) is from Texas.

And the really awkward part is you wonder...if the UTSA and BGSU jobs had been open at the same time, which would he have taken?

And look, BGSU is a better job than UTSA for almost every coach, except possibly this one.  UTSA has upside potential in that state, for sure.  BG's last two coaches have struck it big and three out of the last four have moved on to very good jobs.

We might as well put the nightmare scenario on the table...if only to say that I don't think it is going to happen...and that is Jinks jilting (how is that for a headline) BG and moving back to take on the UTSA program.  I don't believe that will happen.  I have to believe Jinks is a bigger man than that.  But I don't believe the chance is zero, either.  It could happen.  Things like that have happened.

I would acquaint you with Dan Dakich, for example.

Anyway, let's keep our fingers crossed.  For as much as I have questioned the Jinks hire and (even more) his staff, it would be even worse to start over now.


Anonymous said...

Dan Dakich left WVU because, per him, there were serious NCAA issues that were not disclosed to him and the administration refused to support him in rectifying them and essentially telling them it's his problem to deal with. That is not the case at BG. There are no such circumstances here. The situations are not analogous.

Jinks has a better chance of getting abducted by aliens and having that preclude him from coaching BG than going to UTSA.

Anonymous said...

Although I'm not a fan of his credentials (and all those coaches from Texas bothers me), I hope it doesn't happen. Nonetheless, an interesting scenario.