Tuesday, January 05, 2016

MAC Individual stat check in

Having looked at each of the teams, here are how the individual statistical races are panning out.

A couple notes.

Nathan Boothe is on track to win MAC POY.  He is 2nd in scoring, 3rd in rebounds and 4th in assists, which is all pretty good.  That's not paced-based either.  Boothe is the most efficient player in the MAC as well, shooting 54%/41%/85%.

James Thompson IV would be the expected MAC FR of the Year at this point.  He's averaging a double-double.  Now, he's done playing non D1 teams, so that will have to continue to hold up, but at this point he's the clubhouse leader.

Lastly, OU always has a PG who gets assists.  Never fails.

1. WILLIAMS, Jonathan-UT 19.7
2. BOOTHE, Nathan-UT 18.2
3. HAYMOND, Tucker-WMU 17.8
4. RAYSON, Braylon-CMU 16.2
5. WILDER, Thomas-WMU 16.1

1. THOMPSON IV, James-EMU 10.9
2. CAMPBELL, Antonio-OHIO 9.3
3. BOOTHE, Nathan-UT 8.8
5. MARIC, Marin-NIU 8.3

1. SIMMONS, Jaaron-OHIO 7.8
2. SIMMONS, Rayshawn-CMU 5.8
4. BOOTHE, Nathan-UT 4.6
5. BAKER, Travon-NIU 4.5

In case you are curious, here are where BG's players rank.  No one higher than 3rd, but some definite standouts.  Ish Ali has made a very nice impression in the rankings and has been the most productive of the new guys.  Zack Denny is also have a real nice year.

Rasheed Worrell, 3rd in FG%
Denny 4th, Parker 15th in DREB
Joseph 6th, Ali 9th in A/TO
Ali 7th in Assists

Denny 8th in rebounding
Worrell 11th in blocked shots
Denny 8th in 3FG%, 12 in 3FG made
Denny, Parker, 13th in Scoring
Ali 13th in FT%
Parker 13th in rebounding
Parker 14th in FG%
Denny and Joseph 14th in steals
Joseph 15th in assists

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