Sunday, January 17, 2016

Chaos Reigns in the MAC

MAC Men's basketball is known to be pretty competitive.  Even by those standards, this year strikes me as being off to a pretty crazy start.  Usually there's some structure, some idea of who can beat who, some notion of a favorite...not so far anyway.  There are really no bad guesses.

If you are a fan, this is really good.  If you are a coach...well, you're going to sleep a lot less.  

To wit:

Northern Illinois3 - 1
Ball State3 - 1
Bowling Green3 - 1
Kent State3 - 1
Akron2 - 2
Eastern Michigan2 - 2
Buffalo2 - 2
Central Michigan2 - 2
Toledo2 - 2
Ohio1 - 3
Western Michigan1 - 3
Miami (Oh.)0 - 4

EMU beats @CMU, CMU beats @BG, BG beats @EMU.

Ball State beats Toledo by 18 and UT beats Akron.

You start to believe in NIU, and then they lose to a winless WMU.

What about Kent.  We can believe in Kent, right?  Except they lost @Kent to Buffalo.  (Note: Kent has played only 1 road game--against WMU so far).

Akron has only played 1 home game but lost @CMU and @UT, both main competitors for the MAC title.

Ball State is 3-1.

Settle in kids....

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