Sunday, January 03, 2016

Davis Webb Update

You will recall that very early on when Mike Jinks was hired that there were reports that Texas Tech QB Davis Webb would come to BG as a graduate transfer.  Beyond just Internet fodder, the reports actually surfaced in the mainstream media.  As of a couple days ago, other media outlets call the report premature.

To be sure, Webb is transferring.  The premature part was about BG.

It doesn't mean he won't come to BG and, to be clear, I have no inside information on this at all.  The young man does have options.  People are talking about him at West Virginia and Florida, for example.  So, again, he might be coming to BG and the report might have been right in the first place, but, for now, it appears to be an open question.

After Jake Ruddock, you have to believe that graduate transfer QBs are going to a very hot commodity moving forward.


Noel said...

Jake Ruddock? I think you misspelled Russell Wilson :-)

Regardless of Webb status, it would appear the QB spot is in good shape at BG. You've got an experienced guy in Knapke as well as Morgan whom I am excited to see take some meaningful snaps either in '16 or '17.

Orange said...

Huh. Spell check didn't indicate that! LOL. I think QB is in good shape, and I agree Morgan is the future of the position for BG, but it would be nice to have one year with an option other than Morgan or Knapke, the latter of which I think we saw what we have. If Webb does not come, however, the team has talent at the position.

Anonymous said...

Webb may or may not be coming here but Lubbock online news reports Billy Yates assistant strength and conditioning coach has been offered head job here