Sunday, January 10, 2016

Chips Rain 3s, Win

So, the questions coming into the game with CMU were whether BG's sometimes struggling offense could take advantage of a porous CMU defense and whether BG's usually decent defense could stop the 3-bombing machine the Chips have.

In the end, the answer was "No" on both fronts.

Not that the game was not competitive in spots.  BG led through much of the first half and led as late as with 5 minutes left and BG only trailed by 3 at the half.  The game was tied a couple times in the second half and CMU was still only up 4 with about 11 minutes left.  Then Braylon Rayson hit 3s on two consecutive possessions and just like that CMU was up 10 and as quickly as that it went from a tight game to one where CMU was in command.  The lead never got lower than 8 again and was over 10 for almost the entirely of the last 10 minutes, getting as high as 15.

The important thing is that CMU scores without a lot of possessions.  Yesterday's game had only 65 possessions, which means that CMU had 1.22 points per possession, which is just ridiculous.  BG had an average offensive game at 1.04 points per possession, but you need to have a better than average day against CMU.

CMU's shooting is just crazy.  They shot 51% overall, which is generally a winnable number.  Of their 47 FGAs, 25 were 3s and they made 40%.  Teams that shoot over 50% usually play in the paint.  Anyway, with a 62% EFG%, you will win almost all the time.  BG responded with poor shooting.  They shot 42%, which is not good, but they tried only 14 3s and made only 5.  That means they had a heavy mix of 2 FGs and they were only 19 of 43 (44%).  This has been an issue since the Orr years.  Without an outside threat, BG has to face packed in defenses.  If you are going to shoot that many 2FGs, you have to do better than 44% or you just don't have a chance.

BG did have a nice game on the boards, succeeding reasonably well on both ends.  CMU did get to the line a lot.  BG had foul issues, especially in the second half.  CMU made 78% of their FT attempts, to put even more points ups.

Individually, it was BG's front court in this game that led the way.  Spencer Parker had 15...though he shot 5 of 14 to get there.  Rasheed Worrell had a nice game, scoring 13 with 6 rebounds...5 of 8 shooting.  David Joseph had 9, as did Antwon Lillard (3 of 6 shooting).  Denny, Joseph, Alcegaire, and Ali all had difficult shooting days.  Demajeo Wiggins had 8 rebounds in only 17 minutes.

So, BG goes to 1-1.  Let me say this, though.  I am on the positive side of the meter for our coaches right now.  Too soon to be sure.  I think Lillard, Wiggins and Worrell--all FR--look to me to have a chance to be players, and they seem to be getting better quickly.  Under the Orr regime, I always felt that player development was our weakest link, so it is great to see these guys making strides.  Lillard and Wiggins were both late recruits as well.  So, while this might be a tough season--and would have been tough for Jans, too--I do look forward to seeing us develop more.

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Ken said...

Great summary. Learned a lot. One typo just for you: "just like tht CMU was up "