Friday, February 28, 2014

"Spring Practice" Starts

So early yesterday morning, the defending Mid-American conference champions (yeah, still feels good to say that) started their Spring practice, even if the temp and the snow squalls said otherwise.  But, hey, we can practice inside, something that was not lost on Coach Babers, who did not have an indoor facility at Eastern Illinois.

Apparently it was fast.  Fast, fast, fast.  (blah, blah, blah).  And Coach said it will be the slowest practice we ever have.  The team is going to practice for five days and then go on spring break to let everything "simmer" (in Coach's word) and then come back and go back to work.

He was pleased.  People were engaged.  Listening and learning.

As Coach has described it, the team needs to turn thinking into reacting.  In his sphinx-like words, "knowing without knowing."

Honestly, he's says something like that every time he talks and I like it.  One more spirograph reference and it would have been perfect.

The guys over at have looked at the spring roster.  Very little news there, which is very good news.  Shannon Smith, a D-tackle from Chicago in the 2013 class is not listed, and RB Brandon English--a greyshirt--is now listed on the roster.

Here's the video with Coach Babers and Ryland Ward, if you want to check it out.  The Spring Prospectus is here.


Anonymous said...

Rumor was Smith went to a JUCO and might rejoin the team in 2014. Unfortunately, googling is of no use as they are quite a few "Shannon Smith's" out there.

Orange said...

Interesting. Thanks for the update!