Wednesday, February 05, 2014

National Signing Day Update

So, the signing day is underway.  I write pretty much the same post every year.  There is no doubt that recruiting is vital to success in college sports.  Having said that, you can't tell anything by today.  The ratings services might or might not have good evaluations, there's always a lot of smoke and mirrors and....these are 17-18 year old young men.  Some of them have peaked and some of them are late bloomers.  Think of yourself at 18...see what I mean?  Also, good coaches make players better.

Anyway, I always find one example.  Travis Greene, who just had the most rushing yards of any player in our program's history, was unranked on ESPN coming out of a HS and was a 2-star on Rivals, which basically everyone is.

A bonus:  remember seeing Paul Swan kill it in the MAC title game?  Guy was an unheralded recruit.

So don't over-react today.  Everyone is going to say they love their recruits.  Only time will truly tell.

BGSU has a blog they are running as the signees come in.  So far, there have been no surprises.  We had been carrying a Thomas Jones on our list, but Falcon Fodder said last night that he was going to Wayne State.  Other than that, all the players we had expected to see are in, so far as I can tell.  We could always have a surprise addition.

There was a little bit of shifting with the coaching change, but most of the guys are guys we had all along.  One other pleasant surprise is that Nick Johnson is enrolled, putting him in spring practice this year.

As of this minute, BG has 17 signees.  Also, there were last year's greyshirts, not sure what is up with that, plus a transfer QB.

Dino's presser is at 2.

Note: Based on this, it appears that everyone is in.

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