Friday, February 28, 2014

MAC Standings

So, here are the MAC standings as of today.  Big game coming up on Saturday between UT and WMU.  If UT wins and Buffalo beats Miami, there's a 3-way tie at the top.  If that happened, UT would be back in first, based on the tie-breaker.  They are not playing well, though.  They lost big to EMU, barely beat BG and then lost @NIU.

WMU is a #16 seed, according to Lunardi.  Which would be a painful moment for the MAC.

Right now, BG would play @Miami.  BG wins the tie-breaker over Kent due to the win over WMU.  BG has also beaten Buffalo and Kent lost twice to them, so BG looks pretty good for the tie-breakrer with Kent, if it is head to head.

As for getting home court, things are not looking great.  BG needs 2 wins for it even to be an issue, which is going to be tough.  Kent would need to lose once more.  Miami could lose out and that would do it.  It gets more complicated if we end up in a 3-way tie with Kent, because they have beaten Miami twice and could beat them again.

Anyhoo, that's a lot to worry about when BG is going to need to win @Akron or @Buffalo and beat OU at home to get the wins they need.  The odds are that the Falcons are on the road.  Maybe BG can make it interesting with a win on Saturday.

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