Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Men's Basketball Injury Updates

The Falcons had a scrimmage on Saturday for men's basketball, and I wanted to take a quick second to follow up.  I didn't write anything at the time because I wasn't there and it was a scrimmage, but some have noticed that BG actually had to play the scrimmage with only 10 healthy players, which cut down on any worries people might have about substitution patterns.

Anyway, that got some people worrying about the injuries we are facing.  John Wagner of The Blade and Falcon Fodder had this in today's paper...

Three of the four (Erger, Orr, and Rorie) were not serious and all three players are expected to be, at worst, ready for the exhibition game.

The fourth is Cam Black, and this one is a little more worrisome.

Here's what Wagner said.

Cameron Black is rehabbing a knee injury. At this point Black does not [have a] definitive timeframe for his return from the injury, but it is not considered season-ending. His status for the exhibition game is questionable at this point.
That's a little worrisome, really for two reasons.  First, he has had some injury issues in the past.  Second, when you include that it is not considered season-ending, you kind of leave open the idea of how serious it might be and you would have to (I think) expect some missed time.  Then, he is questionable but not ruled out for an exhibition game next week.

Anyway, keeping our fingers crossed for Cam's return.  He's a junior this year and his play improved steadily, at least on defense, throughout last season.  In the 2-3 zone (I am waiting on our annual proclamation that we want to play more man before we drop into AZAT--all-zone, all the time) you need a shot blocker back there because it lets the outside guys play more aggressively.

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