Tuesday, October 30, 2012

ICSTR Eagle Edition

The ICSTR held its weekly meeting today and came up with the results.  For the Falcons, it was pretty good.  BG was +4, which is their best result of the season--the last time they were +4 was the Buffalo game.  EMU was +3.  BG has faced very good special teams...only one team has had a negative game all season against BG, and that was Idaho.  After being in positive territory only one in the first five games, BG has now been on the plus side for the last four games.

Also, BG made most of its bones on punting...Schmeidebusch had a lot of opportunities to use field position to pin EMU back, and he more or less delivered.  For his part, EMU's MAC-leading P had a big day as well.

BG Positive (+6)

EMU Kickoff return to 20
BG Punt to EMU 19
BG Punt to EMU 16
BG punt to EMU 14
BG punt to EMU 7 (+2)

BG Negative (-6)

BG punt 24 yard net
BG missed 38 yd FG

EMU Positive (+4)

EMU 42 yard FG
EMU punt 45 yard net
EMU punt to BG 17
EMU punt 51 yard net

EMU negative (-1)

EMU Kickoff return to 20

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