Wednesday, February 08, 2012

A Tempo-Free Appreciation of Dee Brown

I know that some people are a little frustrated with Dee Brown...he isn't flashy, and never seems to be a huge contributor....has a big game once in a while, but is just sort of there.

I'm not an Xs and Os guy, so I might not catch contributions guys make that don't end up on the stats sheet.  Having said that, I do think Brown is a good player and makes a contribution to the team and it might be bigger than people think.

Based on MAC games this year, Brown is:

  • 6th in FT%.
  • 9th in Assist/TO ratio.
  • 13th in Offensive rating (a measure of shooting and assists divided by the possessions you use).
  • 9th in Plus/Minus.  BG averages +6 points per game when he is in as opposed to out of the game.
  • He's 15th in scoring and 48th in possessions used.

I think that tells a pretty good story.  He's a very solid player who scores without taking a ton of shots, converts free throws, doesn't turn the ball over and still gets 2 assists a game....and the team plays better when he is in the game.  His numbers have steadily risen in these areas every year and he is having his best season as a Falcon.  He's not an all-time great on any statistical measures, but he is a 4-year player, a 3-year contributor who is having the kind of senior season that is contributing and making the team better.

Anyway, just some thoughts.

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