Monday, February 20, 2012

Bracketbuster Recap

The MAC didn't do too much bracket busting Saturday and Sunday, and in fact, mostly ended up on the broken end of the scale.  Of course, the purpose of the braket buster was to help teams get an at-large tournament bid, and the MAC is a one-bid league, despite what those dudes in Athens (who are getting high on their own stash) will tell you.

Anyway, what you want is an away game if you have something to prove.  You win at home, and everyone just yawns.  Win a big game on the road, and that's some street cred.

So, the MAC won four games out of 12.  Only Toledo won on the road.  (Games below are listed with the RPI of the opponent).  OU, BG and Ball State won at home.

On the loss side, Akron had a very tough assignment at Oral Roberts, and came up short.  Similarly, Buffalo had a tough game at South Dakota and got smoked like a Virginia Ham.  WMU lost at North Dakota State, a team with an RPI around BG's.  Green Bay beat EMU, they are about in the same place.

On the disappointing loss front, Kent lost at home to College of Charleston...they aren't a bad team, but you'd hope Kent would win at the MACC. (Reigning MAC POY Justin Greene did not play with an ankle sprain).  NIU loss @ SIU-Edwardsville, and as bad as SIU-E is, NIU is worse.  Miami lost at home to TN State, not an easy assignment but you'd like to think you'd get it at home.

And, perhaps worst of all, CMU lost AT HOME to Texas A&M Corpus Christi.

Best MAC Win:  OU over UNC-Asheville.
Worst Loss:  The Team from Zeigler

Based on RPI rankings, the MAC is #20 in college D1....same as last year.  Two years ago, the conference was #16.

WMU @ North Dakota St (146)
Texas A&M Corpus Christi (319) @ CMU
UNC-Asheville (123) @ OU
College of Charleston (115) @ Kent
Toledo @ Sam Houston (281)
Akron @ Oral Roberts (47)
Morehead State (180) @ BGSU
SIU (236) @ Ball State
Buffalo @ South Dakota State (64)
EMU @ Green Bay (160)
NIU @ SIU-Edwardsville (317)
TN State (134) @ Miami

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