Sunday, February 12, 2012

Beat the Rockets. Check.

More to come later today, but the Falcons did get the win Saturday in the Stroh in front of our biggest crowd at the Stroh and in the Orr era.  (The last time we drew more was 7 years ago when we played Toledo on the day after a huge snowstorm and BG was down big at halftime--even bigger than today--and rallied for the win.  Actually one of my big Anderson Arena memories).

Anyway, in addition to the big rivalry win, the best part was those masked Rumpus Dudes from UT heading over to our student section to dish out a little smack talk based on a half time lead.  They stood there like doofuses pointing at the scoreboard....only a Rocket fan talks smack when they are up at halftime.

Presumably they didn't do anything similar on the walk of shame to their car.

Great night to be a Falcon...more coming later.

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