Friday, February 24, 2012

MAC Blogger Roundtable

1) Bracket buster results: what does the performance this Saturday say about your team / the MAC as a whole.

From BG's perspective, we confirmed that when a team has an effective field goal % in the 70's, they aren't going to lose very many games.  BG simply had a hot hand and cruised to an easy win over Morehead.

Another thing.  I have no idea what he makes, but Morehead's coach would make a great coach in the MAC.  He has that team playing .500 minus Faried, their second leading scorer from last year and their best returning player who is injured.

As for the conference, I mean, we are who we thought we were.  The MAC had a better pre-conference season but is still ranked #20 in the conference rankings.  The rough bracket buster day was just a symptom of that overall malaise.

2) UB has now dropped two straight after winning eight in a row, is this going to be like 2008-2009 where the Bulls fade down the stretch?

Got me.  I'm not the person to ask, because I have generally thought that Reggie Witherspoon is the worst coach in the MAC for years.  That's partly non-rational--I just don't like the guy--but while he is good at bringing players to Buffalo, his primarily strength during the games is theatrics.

3) With cross division play wrapped up which team in the West looks most able to do damage in the MAC tournament.

I know the easy answer is WMU, but I'm going to take EMU.  Solid defense doesn't have an off night, and I think you'd have to be afraid of facing them just because they bring you to their level.

4) Who in the East, aside from Miami, is in the most Danger of not notching up a first round bye?

Bowling Green, who essentially has no shot.  It is pretty clear who the top 4 teams are for the regular season.

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