Sunday, February 12, 2012

Real MAC Standings

So here they are, the REAL MAC standings for today.  As you can see, BG has now moved up into bye territory as OU continues to struggle.  Having said that, our ranking ahead of them is based on the win at the Stroh, but we play OU again Wednesday.  There are 5 games left for everyone.  If BG were to beat OU in Athens, we'd be 1 up plus the tie breaker.  As of now, BG is 1 game up on EMU (with tie breaker not in our favor) and 3 up on Ball State and WMU (both with the tiebreaker in our favor).  Those two are unlikely to catch us.  You'd like to think 6th is our bottom.  OU is obviously a threat...and EMU will get to play CMU and NIU again, which can only help their chances.

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