Monday, December 26, 2011

Past and Future Opponent Land

We last ran this on December 11, so let's check up on the teams we have played and how they have ared over the past two weeks.  Most of the teams have seen their RPI go up since the last time we looked.  The Georgia results are better than they look, Mercer is pretty good.  And, I was surprised to see Duquesne lose so badly to WMU...

Howard, 4-9, RPI up to 304 from 325

1-3 since last we looked.  Lost to Indiana 107-50.

Georgia 7-5, RPI 74 up from 108

Won their last 3 (USC, Mercer and Furman)

Austin Peay, 3-10, RPI falls from 256 to 261.

1-1 since last we looked, but the one win was non-D1.

Detroit, 6-8 RPI up to 261 from 297

1-2 but losses were to Alabama and Mississippi State.  Beat Alabama State.

George Washington 4-7, RPI down to 136 from 90

Lost to Bradley and James Madison.  Lost six straight, have not won since beating BG.

Temple  7-3, RPI up to 28 from 50

Lost to Texas and beat Rice.  Looking like an even better win for BG.

WKU 4-9, up to 194 from 222

Lost to Furman and Louisville.

MSU 11-2, 21

They have beaten Missouri-Kansas City and Lehigh.  The Lehigh game was somewhat similar to the BG game, as MSU was pushed in a game that should have been easier.

FIU 3-9, RPI up (a little) to 254 from 257

Off since BG game.

Duquesne 7-5, up to 78 from 98

Lost by 14 to WMU (in K-Zoo).

UTSA  RPI up to 157 from 163  6-5

Lost by 2 @Houston and beat Troy.

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