Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hurley Leaving BG Program

Falcon Fodder (The Blade) has the news today, Trent Hurley has been granted his release and will transfer.  The Blade says a likely possibility is SE Missouri State.

I guess I'm not surprised and kind of expected it.  He was in a difficult position.  Clearly, the coaches feel Schilz is the starter, so he was either waiting for an opportunity due to an injury or Schilz to graduate, which would have left him only one year as the starter.  Being one year behind the starter is a tough place to be.

Coach had alluded to attrition at QB in his post-season presser and something in his body language suggested to me that he had some idea what might be happening.

Hurley red-shirted the year Schilz was injured, and played only mop up time this year.  He certainly looked good in the spring game, but you can't blame him for wanting to play and I'm sure everyone wishes him the best.

That would leave Matt Johnson, also of Pittsburgh, who red-shirted last season, as the probable back up.  Malik Stokes is also on the roster, as is true FR James Knapke, who today is just a verbal commit.

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