Sunday, December 04, 2011

Hot Bowling Green on Bowling Green action yields Falcon defeat

In a game that was remarkably similar to last year's game between these two teams in BG, the Falcons failed to follow up on their Temple win with a road victory over a beatable team.

Obviously, I wasn't there.  It certainly sounded like one of those games we have seen over the years from our team, where we just can't get the ball into the basket.  BG's offense scored .746 points per possession.  Other than the MSU game, it is BG's worst scoring performance since....last year's WKU game.  BG's 35.2% EFG% is also among the worst since last year.

Say what you is very hard to play good enough defense to win under those circumstances.  Last year BG was 0-13 in games where it had less than .96 points per possession.  Coach says you shouldn't let your shooting percentage determine your winning percentage, but here we see that if you are not a lock down defensive team (and we are not), you do need some scoring.

WKU shot 31 free throws...and made 21....largely the difference in the game.

Our guys certainly didn't quit.  They trailed by 18 early in the second half and slowly closed the lead down until Scott Thomas drained a 3 with 2:18 left.  Sadly, at that point, the game was tied 53-53, and BG would not score again and WKU would get the next 7 points to get a 60-53 win.

We'll have more tomorrow on this, but I suspect as this season rolls out, this will look like a game BG should have been able to win.  As we search for consistent production from our team, we're going to have to figure out how to get some consistent offensive production.

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