Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sweet Victory! Falcons triumph in close contest...

More to say later, but it is good to see our guys get a win out there today.  Good defense kept us in the game, and we got a huge break on that fumble, and unlike the Buffalo game, this time BG took the gift and won the game.  We have certainly been close several times, and it was good to see it result in a win.

I think there were really two keys to the victory.  The first is the great play by the defense.  They held CMU to 1 TD and 231 yards on their home field.  Even that play was aided by what sounded like a dicey pass interference  call.  So, for all their difficult efforts, they have been clearly improving and essentially won the game today.  (Highlights include 6 sacks and a POW-Caliber performance by Chris Jones).

The other key was on offense, where we certainly did not have a great day, but the offensive line play was much improved, BG gave up only 1 sack and had more than 100 yards running.  The ability to run even a little and pass even a little was what made the difference between last week's poor performance and this weeks adequate to win performance.

Anywhere, more to come later.....but a very nice win today and a good day to be a Falcon.

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