Friday, October 22, 2010

MAC Blogger Roundtable, My Answers

1) Eastern Michigan surprised Ball State last week, but was it the most baffling result of the weekend?

Explain your choice.

The other result that I thought was interesting--though not necessarily baffling, was Miami with the big win in Mt. Pleasant. That's Miami's first road win dating back two seasons and they are clearly better than I thought. I know CMU is not the CMU of the past few years, but I would have expected them to hold serve in that game.

2) Pick the four bowl tie-in contestants and, just for fun, polish the crystal ball and figure out who is going to Mobile, Detroit, Boise, etc.

Go Daddy!!! Mobile--UT

3) Last year there were five MAC bowl teams. How many this year?

I haven't been tracking the bowl eligibility rates in other conferences. A fifth is a possibility, for sure. 8 of our 13 teams already have four or more losses, so more than that might not be too likely.

4) Who is the offensive player of the year (and the runnerup) so far in the MAC?

In my mind, it is Chandler Harnish. He is first (by a lot) in passing efficiency and the conference's sixth leading rusher. I would put Chad Spann 2nd, with 100 yards a game and 5.5 yards per carry.

5) Rank 'em in any order you please?

1. NIU
2. Temple
3. UT
4. OU
5. Miami
6. Buffalo
7. WMU
8. Kent
9. CMU
10. BGSU
11. EMU
12. Ball State
13. Akron

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