Thursday, October 07, 2010

Clawson Presser, Fluff Edition

I watched the weekly presser so you don't have to, straining out the cliches, opponent praise and platitudes and focusing in on actual information of use to a fan.

The most interesting part was the talk about the QB.  Matt Schilz is still a game time decision for this week. However, this week it is not decided who will start if he can't go, and he seemed to indicate that Trent Hurley would at least get some snaps.  He said that a couple weeks ago Hurley was a good QB who was not familiar with the offense, but that getting starter reps, he has moved up and improved a lot.

Coach says he is not worried about burning his redshirt.  He says it is not fair to the seniors to not do the thing that gives your team the best chance at winning.

This came out after a tortured set of questions where the reporter tried to fish the Hurley question out of the point where you wanted to scream, ASK IT ALREADY.  Sweet lord!

Blaec Walker practiced a little but is also uncertain.  His plan sounds like it would be to put Jordan Roussos at T to keep from shifting a bunch of people around like we did for Buffalo.  This wasn't available last week because he was still learning the offense after moving over from defense.

He also talked about the kicking game.  He said that Brian Walker won the job in camp and it wasn't that close.  He will stay the kicker.  He missed the FG by six inches and hit it well, and the XP was the result of poor protection.

Coach also pointed out that if Brian makes that last FG, we are just a 2-3 team with big issues, as opposed to a 1-4 team with big issues.

The rest of the presser was information free, pretty much.  He warned Frieda to be careful around the Bobcat on Saturday...we don't need another injury.

One interesting thing is that he has continued to kind of "walk back" (as they say in DC) his comments about tackling.  It has been a lot more focused on the better athlete making the tackle, and less on the importance of tackling technique, which he may have said out of frustration after the long day in Ann Arbor.

Finally, he said that while we are struggling, all the players are bought in to the program and everyone is rowing in the same direction.  We are also resilient....I still contend that in the face of this year's struggles we are headed in the right direction.

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