Sunday, October 10, 2010

Next Week's Opponent, this week

Next up are the Temple Owls.  Temple is coming off a very tough loss in which they played @NIU in what is probably the biggest game in the MAC to date this year.  As the Falcons know, NIU is a very tough place to play in a big game environment.  NIU won 31-17 by winning the second half 14-0.  NIU won on both sides of the ball, taking on Temple's D for 24 first downs and holding Temple to 15.  (Check out Chandler Harnish's stat line, pretty dominating).  Bernard Pierce only carried 3 times, but they got other guys.

In past opponent land, Tulsa (3-3) lost 21-18 at SMU.  And (you might have heard), Michigan was smoked on their home field by MSU.

Buffalo, Troy and Marshall were all off.

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