Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Recruiting Video

Just watched Coach Clawson's video on BGSUfalcons. com.  A few thoughts...

The big thing he talked about was the phrase he used when he got here, which is that we need to recruit the "State of Bowling Green," which means everyone within 5 hours of BG.  And, 23 of the 25 players came from the area, and the 24th is from Reading PA.  His contention is that you get to know those players better, you get to see their family more, meet their coaches, get more live evaluation, etc.  (Only one player was truly outside that footprint, as mentioned in an earlier post).

He expects all 25 to qualify.

It is a big class, but Coach says he does not over-recruit to anticipate an opening.  He looks for players who will enroll and compete.

The big class is because we had a lot of seniors, and because we are coming back from APR issues.

Jack Carle asked about the lack of P and PKs on the list, as both season-ending starters graduated.  Coach said that we had two guys in the program (the roster shows three guys returning as kickers and no punters) who had a shot at the job and that it was an opportunity for a walk-on.  (Many college teams do not like to put kickers and punters on scholarship.  In fact, the year BG did that, it was the Sean Ellis/Alonso Rojas debacle.  Still, you need a good kicker and punter.....

If you watch the comments, check out what he had to say about Boo Boo Gates.

The video has a lot about the evaluation process I won't retype here.  Suffice it to say that we are looking for good fits for our school, both in talent and in academics.  I agree wholeheartedly.  You do not have to choose between good athletes and good students and good citizens to win in the MAC.

Finally, if you are a highlights lover, the recruit videos are on BGSU's you tube channel.

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