Friday, February 12, 2010

East vs. West

In the annals of East-West struggles, I suppose this is among the more minor...and the more one-sided, too, if you think about it.  The whole cold war was kind of a West vs East thing

....there was something in the rap culture which I have only passing familiarity with...

and these guys....

Then, somewhere below all those, we have the battles between the MAC East and West.  Anyone following the MAC knows that the East is clearly the stronger division...the top 3 MAC teams are all from the East, and it isn't a remotely close call.

Last season, the 36 cross-over game yielded a prison-style beat down, with the East winning 29 or the 36 games.  The good news for the West is they did better this year...the bad news is, the East still won a commanding 26 games.

I don't know what happens to make these inequities happen, but right now, it is bad as I can recall it being.  Kent, Akron and Miami are by far the strongest MAC teams, and the best teams in the West would struggle to be fifth in the East.  Furthermore, I don't really sense that any of the teams in the West are poised to get lots better...they all seem stuck where they are.

Except Toledo...they're going to eventually get better.  But, if they make it through two circuits of West play and don't win a game?  Dang.

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