Monday, February 22, 2010

Coach Orr's Weekly Presser

You know, you gotta wonder how worthwhile these things are.  They set a table up, mikes are put down, people have parked and walked into the arena, and then the whole thing barely lasts 6 minutes.

They didn't have much to ask.  I do understand that you probably get worn out, because if you listen to enough of these, you find out that we want to play inside-out, we want to attack the basket, etc.

I guess the most interesting thing was that someone asked about poor 3-point shooting, and Coach said that he wasn't very interested in that anyway.  If you get a 3 in rhythm, that is all well and good, but that our real goal is to get into the lane and shoot from there.

He made the claim that you could see our shooting percentage go up as we shot fewer 3s.  Once in a while, I like to see if these things are borne out by actual facts.  In this case, it is!  Check the direction of the far end of the line....

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