Tuesday, December 01, 2009

News from the Nation....

On a tragic note, Lyndsey Rice of Dublin was killed in an auto accident with her boyfriend in the Columbus area over the week.  She was 15, and the sister of Jason Rice, a Falcon football player.  Condolences to both families on this tragic loss.

The Sentinel reports that Falcon D-Lineman Kevin Alvarado was arrested yesterday and charged with assault for an incident that occurred in November.  All usual cautions to remember that things are not always what they first seem to be.

Finally, on a bizarre note, apparently the Falcon sideline crew committed a scorekeeping error at Saturday's Bowling Green-UWM game.  The error credited UWM with 2 extra points.  Courtesy the BG News Sports blog:

Since the mistake was not caught before the next dead ball timeout, the points remained on the scoreboard and eventually part of the final score.

Obviously, since the game went into overtime, you would have to think that this was a significant error.  Of course, it isn't that clear, since the game would have been played differently with a different score and could easily have ended differently.  On the other hand, it wasn't a 20-point game, either.

The BG News excerpts Greg Christopher's statement that says the error was "unfortunate."  I am hoping that the full statement contains an apology to the people who paid to see a game that was not what it appeared to be.

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