Saturday, December 12, 2009

Great Black Family Profile

Cameron Black II has signed a LOI to play basketball at Bowling Green.  He is from Kent, where he plays for his father (Cameron Black I), who has been a coach for more than two decades.  There is a great profile of the two of them in a local paper.  For example:

When Cameron Black II was only a toddler, he was the halftime entertainment for Kent Roosevelt basketball games because he could dribble a basketball that was nearly bigger than he was.

Black II said when the family is watching basketball games on TV, his dad will push the stop button on the DVR and rewind so he can explain how the Rough Riders should be executing the same play.

“Other kids just go home and forget about it, but after the game we’re still getting it,” Black II joked.
It is no secret that Coaches love to recruit the son's of other coaches.  They know what it takes to win, and just grew up around the culture of a specific sport. Witness, the immersion in basketball mentioned above--something not every player is going to get.

Of course, there is more to life than's what Cameron's Mom has to say....

“We’ve always taught them basketball can get you places in life and it can be a means for whatever you want to be in life,” Casondra said. “If they get to the NBA that’s great, but being able to pay for college with it and make a life is great too. That’s their father’s success story.”

Well put.  I look forward to seeing Black in Orange and Brown next season.

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