Sunday, December 06, 2009

Falcons Appear Headed to Boise

Well, it ended up like it was expected to be, which means that BG and Idaho will play in the Humanitarian Bowl.  When you are used to being "consummated" as we are in the MAC, there were some sweat-inducing moments over the past few hours, however.

The MAC announcements were coming out later than everyone else, and that had some rumors going that while the bowls were required to take BG, they were not required to provide them a non-MAC matchup, and you started to think that some genius somewhere was saying "you know, BG and Temple didn't play," and I had kind of a sick feeling.  And, the Humanitarian Bowl was starting to flirt with UCLA, and that smelled like a classic screw job.

I have a hunch that the delays in the MAC was the league office working the phones on this because playing a team from your conference in a bowl game would totally suck.  But, it appears that ignominious fate has been dodged.

No Boise is not the most glamorous destination and it isn't warm.  And, it will amount to a road game with Idaho being much closer.  Having said that, it is a decent matchup and very much a winnable game and it beats playing Temple, with no disrespect intended to them at all.
  • OU is playing Marshall in the Pizza Bowl.
  • CMU is playing Troy at GMAC.
  • Temple is playing UCLA or Army at Eagle Bank
  • NIU is playing South Florida in Toronto
So, one or two matchups with BCS conferences.  All winnable games, but two are very winnable.

And, the January bowl game in Toronto will mark the first time in history people are traveling FROM Florida TO Ontario in January.  There may not even be flights.

Update:  This is all confirmed now.  Book your flights.  Bring skis.

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