Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Split wide for the Falcons, Dan Macon

Ryan is back with the latest from Falcons training camp. The bulk of the story is a thumb-sucker on new DC Mike Ward being rewarded for loyalty...and, we hope for making himself a better coach since he was passed over for the job the first time. But time will tell. As always, the real stuff is in the notes.

INJURY REPORT: Receiver Freddie Barnes is practicing limitedly after injuring his ankle a couple of weeks ago, but he should be back for the Sept. 1 game at Minnesota. Fellow receiver Keston Cheathem is still bothered by a separated shoulder and spent yesterday's practice running up and down the steps at Doyt Perry Stadium. "I don't know if we'll have him for Minnesota," Brandon said. "That's touch and go right now."
MACON A CHANGE: Former running back Dan Macon is now a full-time receiver, getting repetitions at the "X" position. "He's got great speed out there. He just has to keep working on his hands," Brandon said. "He'll help us out there, definitely."

So, that's the real news. Now, for uniformed commentary and speculation....

Two things on Dan Macon. I feel kind of bad for him. He came in as a LB/RB. In fact, I think we had the idea he was a better defensive player. But, we need depth at RB, and he goes there and plays behind PJ Pope and BJ Lane. Then, he takes a mid career redshirt so when his day comes, he gets two years.

The first of those was supposed to be last year. Sadly, he wasn't healthy, then Chris Bullock emerged, and he made a limited contribution. This year, we bring in Eric Ransom from JUCO, and it looks bad, and now that Willie Geter (true FR) is going all whoa-nellie in camp, he falls even farther down.

So he moves to WR. I hope he can make a contribution, because I think he has been hurt just by some bad timing, and being behind some really good players.

Now, as for WR, I think one thing is clear. We brought in JUCO WRs, we're moving Macon to WR....I think what many of us feared at WR was true. We don't have much there, beyond Corey Partridge. The spread requires an absolute butt load of WR, and we don't seem to have the depth we need to move the ball. (We had some young guys leave over the years rather than sit behind our other wawesome receivers.)

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