Saturday, August 04, 2007

Oh, Yes, My Friends

Fall camp is almost ready to start...and our long March-September down time is almost over.

The big news out of camp is the opening of the Sebo Center, our new training facility. The Blade writes that Diryal Briggs has said that it makes them feel like a "real Division I team."

Via Warthog at,
there is a little bit of sticky, gooey, warm roster minutiae. First, Kelvin Davis, was was a #2 WR on the spring depth chart, is no longer listed on the roster. This is not a position where we have sufficient depth, but there is no clear word on what happened.

Warthog also notes that Anthony Smith, a DB from NJ who was in this year's class, is not on the roster. Here is what I wrote on him in February:

Anthony Smith: Apparently he looked good on tape, but we have about zero info on him as a player.

There were also some position changes, but nothing of any great import:

Adrian Baker LB --> DE
Aaron Davis LB --> DB
Garth Hartung DL --> DE
Nick Lawrence DL --> RB
Angelo Magnone LB --> DE
Darius Smith OL --> DE
Nate Waldron LB --> RB

Finally, The Blade noted that Brandon had abandoned his plan of dividing up special teams among all coaches, and was letting Stephen Bird handle them. We ran this on June 15. Just sayin'.

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