Friday, August 31, 2007

MAC Predictions

In case you wonder, yes, I know there were MAC games last night. I didn't get this done. OK? Here are my fearless picks for the MAC race.

I swear, this is what I was going to say:


  1. Kent--Kent was closer than people thought last year on a young team, bring back 16 starters, and now adds a win @Iowa State to its repertoire. I think Kent wins the East.
  2. Miami--Very, very young team last year. In a weak East, I think they compete again.
  3. Akron--Stellar D puts them ahead of other teams.
  4. BG--Still rebuilding. Strong finish.
  5. OU--Close wins last year hard to count on again. Big losses.
  6. Temple--Still Temple. Someday they could win the MAC
  7. Buffalo--Still Buffalo.


  1. WMU--Very tough schedule is working against WMU. However, their line play is very strong, and they will win this tough division.
  2. CMU--Explosive attack, and nice schedule mean #2.
  3. Toledo---Always dangerous. Program troubled.
  4. NIU--Rebuilding season.
  5. Ball State--This team might win the East.
  6. EMU---What can you say?

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