Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Hoops Interlude

MAC held its Media Day today. It is clear that of all the things our team will have to fight, one of them will NOT be high expectations. We are picked last in the MAC East--and received the lowest number of points of any team in the MAC.

Doesn't mean that is how it has to end, but the scary thing is that you can see where it is coming from. We'll do more preview as the season begins to come around in a couple weeks (home opener is 11/11), but the team has only two seniors (Lefeld and Samarco) and one junior--Ryan Hamblet, who, it must be said, has yet to play a game for our team.

Of course, the question which rides over the entire enterprise is that of the fate of our coach who is in the last season of his contract. This prediction would clearly look bad for him. On the other hand, the out of conference schedule is ridiculously easy, and with a little conference success, the team could be a little over .500. Whether that is enough is not clear.

I hope it is. We could do a lot worse. As I have said before, our basketball program will turn around. I just hope Coach Dakich is here to make it happen.

I hope that we look for a vector, along with this year's record. The question at the end of the season should be "are we on the way back, clearly, visibly, or are we not?"

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