Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Falcons Get Bulletin Board Material

My personal opinion is that bulletin board material is ridiculous. But, the media loves it, and players seem to thrive on it. Apparently, SI runs a feature where they look at the winless teams (this week there were seven), of which one is Temple, this week's opponent. SI has declared that their best chance at winning is against us.

The Blade picked it up today--we're apparently offended.

A couple points. I think we win Saturday, but there are no gimmees on our schedule. Everything is up in the air. It is homecoming, and sooner or later they will beat somebody. Their margin of defeat has been lower this year. So, I don't think we should be offended at the notion they could beat us.

Secondly, it IS their best chance to win this season. After us, they play CMU (a team that just beat us), and then @Penn State and @Navy. Neither of those is powerhouses, but both are better than we are--and on the road.

So, OK. If it is a little extra motivation, OK. But it is hardly a ludicrous notion.


Anonymous said...

I took it the same way. They're not predicting a win, per se, just that this would be the best chance if Temple's going to win this year. CMU has been lights out, Penn State probably won't lose to them in Happy Valley, and the way BG's been going up and down this year, Navy probably gets that nod head-to-head.

It's not like this team should need any outside influences to fire them up after losing to CMU, but it doesn't hurt. I loved the intensity in some of the player's quotes on the official site yesterday. They'll be ready.

Orange said...

Tony, I really think we are improving and showing a more consistent effort. We're just not there.