Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Brandon Presser on Way to Philly

Normal weekly presser protocols apply. Smart aleck remarks are in orange.

COACH Gregg Brandon
(On the offense)

"I think the biggest thing that is showing up right now is inconsistent quarterback play. You know, Anthony (Turner) hasn't been 100 percent healthy, and we haven't developed the rhythm and consistency that we need particularly in the passing game. And, we are breaking in a bunch of new receivers. (Corey) Partridge is the only guy back with any experience, and he got injured early. He is just now getting to be the guy that we know he is capable of being. We just haven't developed the consistency that we need, and then you throw in the injuries on top of that. But, you know, we just have to fight through those things. We have tried to address some things -- you always assess what you are doing. We also have to give (Turner) throws that he is confident to complete. We thought we had done that for Thursday night (at Central Michigan) but he missed some of those."

Interesting comment to start it off. Falcon fans are in a state of perpetual anxiety over Turner, and it is nice that the Coach at least acknowledged it. His health has been kept quiet, so its hard to tell where it falls on the truth/excuse meter.

There's a more interesting part. The end of the quote deals with play calling--that's what he is talking about assessing. Like a thoroughbred down the backstretch, the Falcon fans are DYING to open the offense up. Others, me included, have been saying that we need to call plays we can execute. I'm sure everyone would love to open it up, but if all we can make work right now are bubble screens and counter play, then that's all we have. "Opening it up" just to throw incomplete passes and interceptions isn't smart.

He's only in his first year as a starter, so I just don't think he's far behind where he should be. He might be stuck there (too soon to tell), but I just expect this.

On the development of Freddie Barnes at wide receiver)
"Freddie is a guy that, whether he is at receiver or running back or quarterback, you need to get the ball in his hands. That strategy hasn't changed since day one. It's really been the availability of Anthony Turner that has dictated that."

"Freddie is getting better every week at learning the little nuances of playing the receiver position. He is still a work in progress, but I think that's his natural position. I think he is going to be a great one out there."

He sure as hell is. That's an All-MAC receiver out there, by the time he's a senior.

(On MAC having three bowl games, and on BG's chances to make a bowl game)
"We're not out of the race. But, right now all we are talking about is Temple. We have to find a way to win that game. We can't overlook them. We can't overlook anybody."

"Right now, we have to keep focusing on giving our guys the best chance to win. With the inconsistencies that have been brought about, by youth or injuries, some of the things we don't have control over, we have to keep working. We just have to find a way to win. We had a chance (on Thursday), I mean, (trailing only) 17-14 to Central in the fourth quarter? I would take that. I would go back and start that quarter all over. But we can't do that."

No, we can't--we can't start over, and we can't overlook Temple. I believe we can still win 3 of 4 on the road home. I don't believe we are going to any bowl game, however.

(How is the offensive line holding up?)
"Well we took a couple of days off. We did practice yesterday for about an hour and they responded. I mean we are eight games in, some of those kids have played well over 300 snaps already, and as physical as it's been with the schedule and what we have been doing offensively that is a concern, no question. We have to keep those guys fresh but it's tough, because you have to prepare them for different looks and different schemes. We do a lot of walk-through stuff, but still, you have to come off the ball to do that kind of stuff. At this point in the season I think everybody has that problem right now."

No doubt, this is the part where its a drain. And, playing three of the last four on the road just makes it harder--especially given the long trip to Philly. And being a young team just makes it harder.

On Temple)
"They are playing a lot harder than they have the past two times we have played them. You can see that on film. They are trying to learn a system and get guys lined up and get them in a position to make plays. Sometimes they are (making plays) and sometimes they are not, but they are playing a lot harder."

Temple appears to be much improved. Sooner or later they are going to beat someone (see previous post), and they figure it might as well be now.

(On the play of Jarett Sanderson)
"He has been a fairly consistent starter for us as a true freshmen. To me, that is pretty impressive. He spent a semester at military school, and then we got him in January. We watched him on film and he was a pretty good player. We went over and saw him and got to see him work out, and we thought he would have a chance to come in and play early which he is doing. Those kids that go to those military schools are there for a reason and usually you go through in the fall and get the names and evaluate them and see how they fit into your scheme. He has speed and athleticism; he is a rangy guy. He will only get better as well as that whole back end. I mean that group really fires me up."

Our young D backfield, if it continues to improve and mature, will be absolutely lock down when they are seniors. They will be experienced, and I think they are good players.

(On the defensive line)
"It's exciting because we have some young talented players that have been forced into duty. When we get our numbers back to where they belong and get to where we can redshirt more guys, we will be able to establish the type of numbers that we need. Until then, we have to play these (young) guys, and they can only get better."

Same deal, here. Briggs and Parks are beasts on the edge.

(On the play of Diyral Briggs)
"He has really come on and done a nice job for us. Again, he has been forced to play with some injuries in the front. Losing Brad Williams and Nick Davis and D.J. Young and those guys has just depleted us; it's forced us to play Brandon Mack at defensive end who I was anticipating redshirting this year. But, with all the injuries we have had, I had to move him back to the defensive line. Briggs, though, has done a nice job, particularly with rushing the passer, tackles for losses, those types of things. He is a force out there; a quick and agile guy."

(See above)

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